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Wapsol is your one stop manufacturer and service provider of reliable end-to-end WLAN network solutions. Whether you already have a WLAN environment or are planning to deploy a new network, you can rely on our years of wireless experience for robust, thorough and cost effective solutions.

We follow an Open Source philosophy for our products, which means the technology we deliver is in your full control. The means a higher return on investment, because there is not product politics behind the scene and there is no "End of Life" for our products. Investment in our products and solutions is valid for a life-time.

 24 April 2008
802.11a/b/g Access Point offers 4-Levels of Security for industrial installations
 25 February 2008
TinyBSD_AP released under Open-Source at Google Code
Managed WLAN Services
Get a fully secure Enteprise WLAN for a low €39,99 per month, including security.