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Wireless Access Controller 2.0 (WAC2) 24/10/05
WAC2 Wireless Access Controller offers management services for single and multiple site 802.11 networks. IT administrators can now remotely administer large networks from a single point of control (NOC)
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Point-to-Point solution with Integrated Antenna and VPN 15/06/05
Point-to-Point solution with Integrated Antenna and VPN has been released by Wapsol which makes it possible for our customers to obtain a single kit for deploying IEEE 802.11b/WLAN based Point-to-Point links.
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Industrial 802.11b Access Point for Small & Medium Sized Software Components 04/04/05
Efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness - the Wapsol Middleware Access Point 1.0 (IEEE 802.11b) providing a Java application platform (J2EE) for deployment of small and medium sized software components was annouced today by Wapsol.
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WPA Solutions Secure against PSK vulnerability 10/11/04
Wapsol’s WPA based enterprise WLAN infrastructure security products, targetted at large scale WLAN deployments and based on Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) are secure against WPA-PSK hacking tool.
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Systems-2004: Venue for Partnerships and new Opportunties 25/10/04
The annual Systems IT Trade Fair in Munich has been a resounding success
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New Offices in Kornwestheim 24/07/04
Wapsol is moving into new offices in Kornwestheim.
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IHK-Chefsache reveals Wireless Security to a Top CIO Theme 29/04/04
Wapsol presented it's WPA based Wireless Security Solutions to an audience of 70 Chief Information Officers from Baden-Württemberg today. As part of the IHK-Chefsache, the day's main theme was security issues from the decision-maker's point of view. A focal group of the event were German state and federal government authorities, who have an uphill battle in countering the increasing security threats from cyber-crime, online-fraud and terrorism.

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CeBIT 2004 - Overwhelming Response to Wapsol's Wireless Security Products, Hannover 27/03/04
Catering to the growing demand of secure wireless products and solutions, Wapsol displayed it's first generation of secure enterprise WLAN portfolio at CeBit-2004

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Industrial 802.11 Access Points announced at SPS/IPC/Drives Nürnberg 29/11/03
The SPS/IPC/Drives Nürnberg fair, the largest trade-show for Electronic Automation, Systems and Components in Germany, attracted 922 exhibitors this year. Wapsol utilized this occasion to announce the launch of

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WifiMAX-070 Metropolitan Area Wireless Network (MAWN) Products Announced 12/11/03
The first generation of 802.11 access points (AP) suffered from a deficiency that each AP had to be connected to a wired backbone (DSL, Ethenet, ISDN or Dial-Up). Wapsol WifiMAX-070 products eliminate this limitation.
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OEM Partner Program for Industrial Access Points 27/10/03
Wapsol today announced a OEM partner program to meet the growing demand of 802.11 networks in the industrial environment.
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WLAN for Systems 2003 IT Fair, Munich 26/10/03
The Systems IT Fair 2003 (http://www.systems2003.de), one of Germany's largest IT fair held annually in Munich was host to Wapsol's WLAN networks. About 25 companies of the Innovation Area obtained secure and reliable 802.11b access based on the Solo-092 public hotspot solutions.

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Power Over Ethernet for Wapsol 802.11 Gateways 06/10/03
Wapsol today announced the release of WLAN Access Points and gateways with Power Over Ethernet (POE) capabilities. POE allows the transmission of DC power over CAT-5 and CAT-6 cable.
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