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Power Over Ethernet for Wapsol 802.11 Gateways (06/10/03)

Wapsol today announced the release of WLAN Access Points and gateways with Power Over Ethernet (POE) capabilities. POE allows the transmission of DC power over CAT-5 and CAT-6 cable. This adds the advantage to the Access Points that they can be deployed in locations where there is lack of power sources example, roof-tops, outdoor-building-sides, ware-house yards, factory floors as also enterprise campuses.

Typically Access Points can now be deployed as far as 100 meters away from the power source. Wapsol engineers commented, "POE, combined with WifiMAX products introduced in October-2003, is a powerful addition to our growing portfolio of Wireless-LAN access point and gateways products. It gives our customers the flexibility to deploy WLAN infrastructure in regions hitherto not possible. Our goal remains to introduce new and rare innovation to the WLAN device market and maximizing the value of WLAN infrastructure to our customers". POE capabilities will be available in the following list of products effective immediately

  • Solo-093 Plug & Play Hotspot Solution (with integrated AP)
  • Satellite-090 Hotspot CPE
  • WifiMAX Centro
  • WifiMAX AP
  • Industrial 802.11 Networks (IWN) NetGate
  • Industrial 802.11 Networks (IWN) NetNode
  • For technical and pre-sales enquiries about POE technology, please contact sales@wapsol.de.

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