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WifiMAX-070 Metropolitan Area Wireless Network (MAWN) Products Announced (12/11/03)

The first generation of 802.11 access points (AP) suffered from a deficiency that each AP had to be connected to a wired backbone (DSL, Ethenet, ISDN or Dial-Up). Wapsol WifiMAX-070 products eliminate this limitation. Using the WifiMAX-070 Centro backbone node and up to 30 completely over-the-air (OTA) linked access points (WifiMAX-070 AP), hotspot providers can now scale their networks without worrying about running cable to each AP.

WifiMAX devices based on the unique Transitive Bridging technology, have major implications for hotspot operators who want to increase their Wi-Fi foot-print in a cost effective manner. Estimates show that operators can cut upto 50% of costs in network expansion. Cost savings occur due to elimination of cable running to each access point, and the related material & labor cost. A new WifiMAX node can be activated by simply powering it on and extending network coverage to a further Wi-Fi cell, fully connecting it to the remaining network.

Ideal applications areas for WifiMAX networks are metropolitan areas (city-centers, business-districts etc) and hotels (cutting cost of room-to-room cabling).

Configuration of WifiMAX devices can be performed on the field using a web-based GUI.

For further information on Wapsol's WifiMAX-070 products, please refer to the product brochure or contact sales.

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