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IHK-Chefsache reveals Wireless Security to a Top CIO Theme (29/04/04)
Wapsol presented it's WPA based Wireless Security Solutions to an audience of 70 Chief Information Officers from Baden-Württemberg today. As part of the IHK-Chefsache, the day's main theme was security issues from the decision-maker's point of view. A focal group of the event were German state and federal government authorities, who have an uphill battle in countering the increasing security threats from cyber-crime, online-fraud and terrorism.

CIO's viewed wireless to be extremely interesting for the law-enforcement sector. But lingering security issues such as cracked WEP were show-stoppers when considering investment. VPN technology was perceived as being expensive and overwhelming from a management perspective.

With the dawn of state-of-the art Wi-Fi security standards such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), the long wait for WLAN security has finally arrived. WPA enables sys-admins to take charge of widely dispersed WLAN networks from a single point of control, eliminating performance bottle-necks. Wapsol is a unique German supplier of WPA infrastructure products which provide sys-admins WLAN security out-of-the-box. Based on industry standards, Wapsol's solutions offer the best investment protection and the quickest entry-point for enterprises planning investments in WLAN.

For further information of the company's WLAN security solutions, please visit the enterpise products section.

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