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WPA Solutions Secure against PSK vulnerability (10/11/04)
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It has been reported on 9th November, 2004 at the Computerwoche IT Magazine’s website that a WPA Pre-Shared Key cracking tool called WPA-Hacker has been released on the Internet. Although the name “WPA-Hacker” suggests that a vulnerability exists in WPA per-se, the reported tool effects only a small subset of the WPA protocol called the Pre-Shared Key (PSK), designed for home usage.

In principle, PSK relies on configuring the WLAN Access Point and all it’s clients with a single and same key. Capturing this key indeed makes all users of the Access Point vulnerable. Hence it’s suitability for the home environment.

Wapsol’s WPA based enterprise infrastructure products, targetted at large scale WLAN networks are based on Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) X.509 certificates, the same authentication objects used in VPN, Kerberos and SSL/TLS.

Certificate based authentication provides variable key length capabilities between 256 and 2048 bit private keys for authentication. Based on WPA-EAP, (refered also as 802.1x) network authentication protocol, enterprise WPA Access Points, such as the Wapsol SecureAP-052, provide dynamic encryption based on ever-changing encryption keys, hence making it impossible to reuse encryption keys even if one were to be cracked.

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