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Industrial 802.11b Access Point for Small & Medium Sized Software Components (04/04/05)
Efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness - the Wapsol Middleware Access Point 1.0 (IEEE 802.11b) providing a Java application platform (J2EE) for deployment of small and medium sized software components was annouced today by Wapsol.

Using the Wapsol MAP 1.0 ERP, SCM and process oriented software application providers can deploy small & medium sized applications directly on the wireless network, without creating an overhead in the server-room.

Providing a dual role of a server and a high-performance 802.11b industrial wireless Access Point, the Wapsol MAP-1.0 potentially cuts the deployment costs to about 250-300%. At the same time maintenance and TCO of maintaining this integrated solution during the life-cycle of the application are significantly reduced.

The Wapsol MAP 1.0 is built using standard technologies such as JAVA and Linux, which provides investment security to our customers and application partners.

For more information please visit the Wapsol MAP 1.0 Middleware Access Point web-page.

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