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IAP-50 Industrial
      IP-50 Access Point
      Wireless Firewall /

Multiband 802.11 a/b/g FreeBSD Upgrade
IAP-50 is an industrial IP-50 Access Point designed for warehouse and indoor production areas, where WLAN is installed as an part of the information infrastructure facilitating mission critical business processes.

The IAP-50 is designed to be installed for rugged performance in industrial environments of all dimesions. It comes with multiple mounting options - wall mount, pole mount and roof mount. The construction of the IAP-50 also allows for optimized radio performance, typically deliverying 3 times the coverage compared to off-the-shelf AP's.

  • Multiband 802.11b/g and 802.11a radio chipset for maximum client compatibility
  • Industrial IP-50 construction for rugged factory environments
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE, up to100mts) CAT-5/6 cable for field deployment
  • 802.11i/WPA(2) security using both PSK and EAP/RADIUS
  • Roaming per 802.11 specification. Uninterrupted software application performance.
  • External antenna possibility using RP-TNC connector

  • FreeBSD Kernel for IAP-50

    The Linux 2.4 based Wapsol IAP-50 802.11b WLAN Access Point kernel has been upgraded to FreeBSD resulting in the Wapsol IAP-50-FB 802.11a/b/g Multiband. This new Access Point technology offers cutting edge standards, new features, improved stability, and industry leading wireless network performance.

    New Features of Wapsol IAP-50-FB

    • Higher bandwidth at 54 Mbps, with option of soft-switching the Access Point to 11 Mbps for older clients
    • Kernel based 802.11i/WPA(2) network security support built into kernel, offering remarkable stability in PSK & EAP secure networks
    • Multiband radio with operational frequencies in 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g) as well as 5.x GHz (802.11a)
    • Improved CLI tools for maintenance and monitoring of Access Point networks

    Comparision Table

     802.11 a/b/g WPA (Upgrade)802.11b (Old)
    Bandwidth54 Mbps a/g, 11Mbps b/g11 Mbps
    SecurityWPA, WPA2/802.11i with PSK and RADIUS optionsWEP-128, Optionally WPA
    Frequency BandMultiband at 2.4 GHz for b/g and 5.x GHz for 802.11aSingle-band at 2.4GHz for 802.11b
    System StabilityNewer FreeBSD Kernel with net80211 base system supportOlder Linux 2.4 Kernel with standalone driver

    Performance Comparision

    The following transfer rates have been measured using a 23 MB file-transfer over a LAN. The hardware nodes were:
    1. Laptop with 802.11a/b/g Client
    2. Wapsol IAP-50-FB (with SecureAP-033T firmware)
    3. Office LAN Switch 10/100T Auto
    4. File Server (Debian Linux 2.4.18)
    SmartAP-032 (802.11b) 70 sec40 sec
    SecureAP-032 (802.11b)52 sec32 sec
    SecureAP-032 (802.11g)36 sec29 sec
    SecureAP-032 (802.11a)53 sec27 sec

    Please note that the above measurements have been made with several obstructions between along the wireless link between client and the Access Point, and hence is not reflective of typical data-transfer metrics. This data is provided merely to provide a relative comparision of performance.

    Upgrade Option to Existing Wapsol Customers

    Wapsol is pleased to offer our customers a unique opportunity to upgrade existing Wapsol IAP-50 802.11b single-band Access Points to 802.11 a/b/g Multiband Access Points. This upgrade also provides WPA2 / 802.11i security delivering industry standard authentication and encryption for small, medium and large WLAN installations.

    Upgrade procedure includes hardware as well as software upgrade and related services/support according to individual needs of customers. For further technical and commercial information about upgrading to the Wapsol IAP-50-FB 802.11 a/b/g Multiband, kindly contact us at sales@wapsol.de or +49-7154-82-7132.


    IAP-50: Industrial 802.11b Access Point

    Technical Documentation

    IAP-50 Industrial AP for Warehouses & Factories
    (Wall & Pole Mount)