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IAP-50 Industrial
      IP-50 Access Point
      Wireless Firewall /
WFG-1.1 provides reliable security and gateway functions to industrial wireless networks. It provides critical functions such as:
  • Access Control List based on MAC & IP
  • Full firewall for IP, MAC & subnet control
  • DHCP Server
  • Layer-3 VPN for ERP traffic (unlimited clients)
  • Bandwidth-management & traffic-shaping
  • Management using comprehensive Web-GUI. Basis settings using Text based menu.
  • Wake-On-LAN for de/re-activating the Access Points
  • The WFG-1.1 are designed to interoperate nicely with Wapsol's WLAN IDS systems (to be released in Q2-2006) providing robust mechanisms for securing the "wireless back-door".


    WFG-1.1: Wireless Firewall / Gateway


    WFG-1.1 - WLAN
    Firewall & Gateway Device