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If you are interested in obtaining secure WLAN access at your office or home, this Step-by-Step guide will help you understand how easy it is to get setup, and start securing your wireless data.

The following steps are involved in obtaining managed WLAN security from Wapsol.

  1. Sign-Up for a subscription using our online order form.
  2. One of Wapsol's support team or local service partners will contact you to verify your subscription information. We will then forward you your subscription contract.
  3. Please then sign and fax or post your subscription contract back to us.
  4. Within the next 3-5 business days, you receive your Secure Wireless Starter Kit, including access point, security certificates (floppy or USB), Handbook, any necessary software and contract.
  5. Install the certificates on your laptop and THAT'S IT! You are ready to enjoy secure WLAN access.
Managed WLAN Security for SME's

WPA Architecture for SME Solution Providers