Odoo Systems Maintenance
What server infrastructure do you need to maintain an Odoo ERP? How to optimise its performance? How to guarantee stability? What security measures should be taken? This page deals with these essential topics.

Deploying Odoo

A goto page on odoo.com covering database and webserver configurations, as well as further useful links.

Mail Integration

Mail integration is one of the most powerful values of the Odoo software. There are multiple gotchas that should be configured right for obtaining maximum benefits from Odoo-integrated-Email.

Mail Loops

Sometimes, a circular mail loop can occur between the incoming IMAP server, SMTP server and Odoo's internal mail router. This article describes the phenomenon and gives you tips on how to resolve such loops.

Calculate Workers Script

A shell script by Saúl Piña to "Analyse the characteristics of the server and help calculate the number of workers and memory for each".

Community vs. Enterprise – Customer Advisory
A Customer Considered Community Version, instead of Enterprise. Here's how we advised them.